Page created June 13, 2008
I will be adding other tip items to it as time goes along, but for now, the biggest question I get is about looping underneath the fabric.  Sometimes called "bird nesting".
I hope to keep the tips sort of..."one pager" bits of information that might help.
Do hope you find them handy, and hopefully helps provide a general idea of where to start
Top Tension Testing Procedures For Most Model Singers
General Oiling & Cleaning, most all Singers
Checking a hook for burrs - assembled with the Slant-O-Matic,
but applies to all model Singer machines
The Theory of operation of the Singer 700 Series T&S top tension unit
Applies to all Stylist, Genie, or others fitted with this type of unit
There are differences in the unit/design, but the principle applies to all fitted
15 Class Singers - 15-91 / 15-90 / 15-30's
Owners Manual & Adjustor's Manual
Most all 15 Class Singer Models
201 Class Singers - 201 / 201K / 201-2 / 1200
Owners Manual - Most all 201 Class Singer Models
Replace Slide Plate & Spring - Most older Singers
Touch & Sew - 600 & 700 Series
Why Thread May Wrap Around The Bobbin Case
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Touch & Sew - 600 Series Plastic Gear Replacement Chart
Touch & Sew - 600 Series Items
The General Tips page does not contain the information yet...try Google Search
About 700 Series T&S Slide Plates & Springs
Improved Threading for the Slant-O-Matic Series
Slant-O-Matic Series - Bobbin Usage Tip
Thread Looping Underneath My Fabric - Why???
General coverage for most makes & models & why this might happen
Simple 3 page brief of things that might cause your grief - New 04/13/12
Repair Manuals I Currently Offer For The Following Models
Skipping or Dropping Stitches - New 4/16/12
Most models & makes, but as always, geared towards the Singer line