The Latest Rounds
The Cranky Boyz of 2011
(Left to Right) - Bob D, Terry, Danny, Tom, Bob W, David, Peter, Will & Bill
Missing - Casey, Brett & Trevor
Bob W displaying Miss Piggy and proudly proclaiming, while holding in right hand,
"I played with the same ball all day" :)
Today's Match Winner - Mr. Bob Weihe (April 3, 2011)
with his 1st Miss Piggy Win
He looks pretty pleased - wouldn't you say :)
He broke a 100 with a gross 97, net 61
I just wonder what story he came up with after always taking home the
DH & LT Awards and telling the little lady those were some of the
winners Trophys...LOL
Left to Right
Casey, David, Terry & Bill
July 4, 2010 - Bill rarely wins the DH, but did today