L - R: Casey Ratica - Senior CB Bill Maxey - Sue from the ladies group - setting L on rail David
Whitby - standing next to David is Bob Weihe - Jim (not a CB or golfer, just visiting) & back to
us in the white cap - Bob Dantini (the new Territorial Auditor)
Some of the ladies from the Ladies group, been playing
together for a number of years: L - R Seated: Margie & Sue
Standing: Anna & Helen
A few of the 2010 gang - L - R: Bob Dantini - Myself - Casey - Bill
Bob & Casey are still trying to figure out how they got into the group, or
perhaps why they even joined this group...LOL
Myself gladly getting ready to present the LT to Mr. Bob Weihe - and handing off the LT to Mr. Bob Weihe
Just a note gang: Mr. Weihe has been the major owner for some time now of this little trophy...LOL
Left is our NEW CUP for most improved player from the Front 9 to the Back 9.  Sadly, our original cup met its faith of doom in the
journey home one day, breaking into little pieces.  Mr. Weihe had a new cup replicated with some enhancements & new photo's
Myself presenting Mr. Weihe with the new trophy cup that he well earned that day :)
Last but not least, the formal presentation of the DH award.  Do think this might be the first
unveiling of our DH award minus the barrel cover...X - Rated for some perhaps... :)
Seated L - R: Mr. Maxey presents the award to Casey
a well played game with a net score of....uh-hum...not mentioned...LOL