(l-r) Chuck - John - Jeff
Roll you little bugger...roll
(l-r) Chuck - Jeff
Please!!!! No LT!!!
John - On # 6
Get There!!!
(l - r) Chuck - Jeff
Hope I have the right iron
(l - r) John - Chuck
Anyone got a hammer
(l - r) Jeff - Chuck
See...that is how you chip with a fairway wood
I can't help but wonder what Jeff has on his mind throughout these shots
No...Head Down...No Peeking
Not Again !!!  Right...Right...
I'll just drop here :-)
(l-r) Gary - Jeff - Jason)  Gary...Not sure about this new Hybrid / Jeff...Easy now / Jason...Yep, found the OB, on to the 3rd
Added 10/31/08 - Some more of the 2007 / 2008 Crankies
My real address on the tee...
Happy Gilmore anyone????
Now that is "GONE"
I just went through it so sweet...it forgot to leave the tee until later :)
Your Site Host On The Tee
Jason  #12
Does John Daly come to mind here?
Jeff in the back ground, Jason putting
Jeff "Jason...the cup is back here behind me"
l-r: Jason, Jeff, Ross, Gary
Thumbs up, Jason made the putt...we have some nasty breaking greens :)
Added 1/11/09 - Some Shots from 1/04/09 Round - Poor Jason :)
Jason on # 8
Left: Off the Tee & Into the tall grass - just behind the ladies tee yet - you CB's know the area :)
Middle: 1st Drop & 3rd Shot attempt - about 20 feet - great
Right: And now the 4th attempt (little fuzzy - phones do not make for good cameras)