Pictured L - R: Jim Butler, Paul, Rob, Bill, Charles
Jim scored perhaps his 1st Hole In One on the 1st Tee at the
'Illi'Illi Lava Lava Golf Course, with a worm burner drive, as reported
by those present, and quite a celebration was had later on!!!!
I personally met Jim & got to know him better when I 1st join the golf
group, which back then was somewhat known as the Rotary Club
guys, later becoming known as the Cranky Boyz, thank you Phil.
Upon meeting Jim when I first join the gang...
Jim - Where you from Terry
T - I grew up in Missouri mostly
Jim - no that isn't it
T - well honestly Jim, I spent all my summers as a youth in Oklahoma
Jim - That is it, you just have that hinge of Southern Drawl...
And hence somewhat of a little connection was made being we both
hail from Oklahoma.  Jim if I recall, came from the Lawton area,
while my mothers family was from a very remote north western area.

Jim was one of those players that just made the entire round worth
while, if you had a good day or not.
Jim would bring a bag of gifts from time to time, and hand them out
for some silly thing one of might have done on the course that day, or
something rather special that happened during the round.
Jim introduced the 1st Annual Group Championship Playoff in 2005,
when all the March Madness is going on...and personally purchased a
very nice trophy that continues to be passed around the group today.
Jim always had a special touch of humor on the course as well.
Paul asked one day, "Wonder which club I should use...I appear to
be X number of yards out".
Jim, "Doesn't matter which club, you can't hit over a 145 anyway"

Anyway, Jim is now enjoying a round of golf with the best of the best.
The Cranky Boyz shall remember Jim for a very long time to come.