Sample Tension Repair Guide - normally $4.95 - Free because your visited this page ->
Section 1 covers the following items:
Basic Parts Location
Basic Service
Areas of inspection for worn or broken parts

Minor Parts Replacement:
Retaining Collar
Feed Dogs
Position Bracket
Thread Pull Off Lever
Lower Thread Guide
Presser Bar Lifter Inspection
Cam Retention Spring
Motor Gear and Clutch Spring
Light Bulb
Slide Plate and Slide Plate Spring

Adjustments - Minor to Major:
Timing the Hook to the Needle
Feed Dog Timing
Centering the Needle
Buttonholer Adjustment & Complete Rebuild
Flexi Stitch Adjustment
Top Tension Repair - much like the free guide available
High Speed Basting Adjustment

Major Parts Replacement:
Main Shaft Fiber Washer
Drive Belt - also covered in Section 2 in greater detail
Repairing a damaged Lower Timing Cog

Folks, I really believe that you'll find this information useful, and if you've ever taken your machine to the shop, and left $75.00 or more behind, you should have this manual.  You do-it-yourselfers,
if you don't benefit from the guide, I'd be tempted to give your money back.  For a mere
$19.95, you can't go wrong, or you can take it to the repair shop...for how much?

Comments from Proofreader 1:
Terry, I've been spending my time reading your file, and I have to tell you that it is so beautiful, and well detailed, that I wish you could do one for every machine.

Wow, what a great job you've done.

Comments from Proofreader 2:
The 750 is going strong thanks to instructions, I cleaned & adjusted the tension, adjusted the feed dogs, & it sews like a top. Thanks, I am going to look over the rest of you manual, & see if I
need to do any thing else.

Update: I have added additional items over the original manual, it does include replacing the lower gears now...something I over looked.  
Now with that said, as a repairman, and not a repair manual author / creator nor writer...there are some things I did over look and/or took for granted in my writing of this manual.
I do suggest you arm yourself with a factory manual & sequential manual to cover all the bases.  I honestly think you will be much happier in doing so :)
12/15/12 - Added another 3 pages dealing with an item covered, but in better detail
Note: All additions to this manual are added at the end of the manual
My original manual was about 80 pages, and has now grown to around 106 pages, and between my manual & the 2 factory manuals, you should be pretty well covered, but if I missed it,
I'll try to document it somehow :)
If You Are Handy With A Screwdriver
You Should Be Able To Repair Your Own
700 Series Touch & Sew
This Guide, Accompanied With The 2 Factory Manuals
Will Show You Just About Everything You Need To Know
Order Now - Download Now & Start To Work On That Machine
750 Touch & Sew
756 Touch & Sew
The guide was assembled using a Golden Touch & Sew model 750
The differences are more noticeable between the 750 and 758/778 which
have many less moving parts.
The guide, with a little open imagination, does apply to the following
700 Series Models: (US Made Models Only)
770 - 771 - 775 - 778 - 758 - 756 - 750
Most features of the guide will also apply to
776 - 719 - 717 - 724 - 774 & others I may have not listed
There are differences to the bobbin case system, as some utilize the
Apollo Bobbin Case & Others use a Metal Bobbin Case
Over 90 pages now, & includes all the other guides shown on the 700
page, minus the Factory guide of course
Please see the "Home" page about downloadable items